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About Us

"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver", M.K Gandhi.

APS Health4U Private Limited came into being with the sole objective of minimizing cost of treatment, without compromising on the quality and viability of services for the consumer. Our endeavor was set up with a vision to add value into what is arguably the most vital aspect of an individual, society or country's existence - well being.

Despite the recent globalization and the emergence of strong and organized brands across various disciplines of healthcare, the Indian Healthcare system is largely unorganized. A comparison between the organized healthcare facilities in India and other developed countries, clearly points to the fact that basic healthcare reach, as well as the manner of delivery of medical services is far more operationally efficient in developed countries than ours.

As far as the Indian healthcare system is concerned, we do firmly believe that we have a strong role to play in not only minimizing the cost of medical treatment, but also in assuring superior quality services at each price point.

What We Do ?

Having established ourselves as leading professionals in the field of health care, our board of directors have decided to dedicate their experience and expertise for creating a wide-reaching network of OPD, IPD & Health Check-up to our customers across the country. We are able to provide this by leveraging on our years of expertise in the field, the network of tie ups and the state of the art systems and technology that we have deployed.

Across 26 states of India, we have a preferred provider network, wherein we have tied up with select healthcare providers which meet our expected quality standards. This enables a multitude of primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare service providers to augment their reach.

In turn, the volumes we handle, our partner of choice status, reliability and robust systems have enabled us to secure significant discounts for our customers.

Hence, the objectives of securing healthcare services at the right value are met and offered to customers through our MEDISAVE card. Through this card, a bundle of services have been stitched together for our customers, offering for cost-effective medical facilities.

We are also forging tie ups with leading corporate and multinationals for facilitating the regular OPD service, health checkups and claim control management.

In addition to the aforementioned, we have been invited to deliver training to many unorganized healthcare facilities, thus embarking them on a journey of excellence in healthcare services.

Our Management

APS brings together the entire value - chain of offerings, by putting together expertise from various disciplines of healthcare. Our team comprises of not only Industry veterans and leaders, but a host of functional experts as well. The rich diversity of experience, age and discipline allows APS to develop a multi-dimensional approach, while maintaining unflinching commitment to our cause.

Our board itself is constituted from distinguished luminaries from diverse backgrounds of Medicine, Insurance, Administrative Services, Defense and Corporate Leaders. Our advisory members are Specialized Doctors, Ex-insurance officers, Chartered Accountant and IT Professional.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our end consumer through equal emphasis on quality and price efficacy. Through the MEDISAVE CARD, we aim to provide affordable healthcare services to the masses at large.

We also endeavor to balance the Risk & Expense exposure of Insurers and build an effective Claim Control Management system for both the Insurer & Insured.

Our Vision

To develop into an organization with a three-pronged focus:
  • Highest Quality and Fastest Turnaround for the provision of services to the consumers and clients.
  • Wide and effective bouquet of services for various strata of consumer groups.
  • Ensuring a paradigm of operational supremacy alongside social responsibility.

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