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Medisave Card Member

  • Unmatched discount on purchase of Medicine, OPD consultancy & Diagnostic Investigation Test via MEDISAVE Card.
  • Prior appointment facility.
  • Provision of emergency services to the patient.
  • Auto SMS/Mail to cardholder on real time basis for updates on doctor's appointment, medicine refills, news and updates.
  • Customer support service through dedicated call centre.
  • Best Family Floater Health Policy –Consultancy.



  • Claim control management via Medisave Card.
  • Cost reduction through check on conversion of OPD to IPD.
  • Detection of fraud claim.
  • Timely discharge of the patient to prevent billing overruns.

Health Facilitator

  • Publicity on APS website.
  • Maximize reach and footfall of patient not just HF catchment area, but pan India.

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